Since 1961 Slingofer Srl has acquired a knowledge in the construction of lifting and handling equipment.

Nowadays production processes and systems must insure:

  • Increased production
  • Increased quality of the product
  • Quicker cycles/shifts and smaller stocking areas


Each of the above mentioned points requires an efficient and safe material handling, lifting and storage procedure.

The strongest evidence for the suitability and quality of Slingofer material handling solutions can be found in steel works all over the world, where almost 5.000 lifters are in service.

All the Slingofer machines are Custom designed and they are entirely designed and manufactured by our company.

All the tongs and lifters are manufactured mainly to adapt to the needs of steelworks, mills and ports with high production, severe working conditions or intense handling procedures.

Furthermore, thanks to Slingofer handling technology it is possible:

  • To assure safe working conditions
  • To reduce manpower
  • To reduce maintenance
  • To reduce products damage
  • Higher productivity and higher profits


Slingofer’s technical staff is at your disposal for any information or explanation regarding the material handling problems of your company.





Slingofer has always exported its product globally.

That’s why our agents are on every continent: we insure assistance everywhere as short as possible.


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